Angelina Jolie to Name Daughter Mallory

viernes, 21 de marzo de 2008 |

According to reports, Angelina Jolie is pregnant with twins. The actress and her partner Brad Pitt have let their oldest son Maddox decide what to named his new sister and brother.

Sources say Maddox has decided to name his sister Mallory, after a character in his favorite movie ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles.’ Sarah Bolger, who plays Mallory in the movie, is excited that Maddox chose the name. “Angelina is saying in interviews that if one of the twins is a girl Maddox gets to name her and he has said Mallory because it’s his favorite movie at the moment,” says Bolger.

“I would love to go up to Angelina Jolie and go ‘Your kid is named after me.’ That would be the best thing in the world,” Bolger added.

It is unclear what name Maddox has picked out for his baby brother. Besides for Maddox, Jolie and Pitt have two other adopted children; Zahara and Pax. They also have a biological daughter, Shiloh.


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